Conservative States & The Red Wave


Red United States was founded on conservative principles of small, limited government, personal responsibility, free markets, and low taxes. We support our military, law enforcement and first responders that protect our freedoms. We respect our flag, stand for law and order, strong borders, conservative values, energy independence and oppose government mandates. 

“Conservatism isn’t an ideology, it’s a way of life!” – Mark Levin



In Memory of

Kristin Brown Currey

1965 - 2022

Kristin was a proud American who supported our troops, veterans, law enforcement and first responders. Kristin’s love of country only came second to her love for her family. She was a loving mother to two amazing children, Brenna and Blake, and devoted wife to Chris. The family is so very thankful for the outpouring of love and support that has come from everyone.