Welcome to Red United States

Chris Burget & Kristin Currey

Chris Burget and his late wife Kristin, who passed in a tragic outdoor accident in the hills of Idaho, started Red United States with one goal in mind, promote values to restore the moral fabric of our country. Having been victims of the violence and crime that has become so rampant, they knew they had to develop something that would unify people that shared their concerns and opinions. It began with Red Idaho and has since branched out to all 50 states.

Red United States is a clothing brand that gives a voice to the people. Their clothing empowers individuals to show and educate others about what the real issues are that affect all of us. In addition, their clothing embraces an unwavering love for the United States of America.

The tagline of Safe-Wild-Free encompasses everything they stand for. Safe represents support for the second amendment, maintaining safe borders, and support for our military and law enforcement. Wild illustrates a passion for wildlife conservation, a love of hunting and fishing, and ultimately a nod to where the brand was born on the Big Lost River in Mackay, Idaho. Finally, Free represents energy independence, freedom from government overreach, freedom from censorship and mandates, and freedom from the agendas that are being pushed on us from the left.

Thank you for supporting us and the RED WAVE!