Yellowstone Meets Mackay, Idaho


If you’re like a majority of the country you are tuned in every Sunday to Yellowstone which follows a cast a characters like John Dutton and his family who work to protect their vast ranch -the largest in the country – from real estate developers, an Indian reservation, and a nearby popular National Park.

Here in Mackay, Idaho the Empire Mine is about to reopen. The underground mine was open between 1901-1942 and is a copper/gold mine on Mine Hill Road in Mackay, Idaho. Mackay, located just over the hill from World Famous Sun Valley sits beneath the Lost River Range which is home to the highest mountain peaks in the state and where the Big Lost River flows through the tiny mountain town. Mackay, like the Dutton Family is up against real estate developers, a nearby famous resort town and a local mine company coming back to life. 

 For good or bad this mine will dramatically change Mackay and the area. Like everything we see across our great country we have to stand up for what we believe in from parents fighting back against school boards or like the Duttons fighting back trying to preserve their way of life in a fast changing world.  Mackay, Idaho.







In Memory of

Kristin Brown Currey

1965 - 2022

Kristin was a proud American who supported our troops, veterans, law enforcement and first responders. Kristin’s love of country only came second to her love for her family. She was a loving mother to two amazing children, Brenna and Blake, and devoted wife to Chris. The family is so very thankful for the outpouring of love and support that has come from everyone.