The Red Tsunami Is Coming To Take America Back

The Red Tsunami Is Coming To Take America Back

Americans are tired. They are tired of high gas prices, tired of paying more in the grocery stores, tired of higher crime rates, and tired of our foreign policies. To say it simply, Americans are tired of who is controlling Washington. For these reasons, many political strategists are predicting that Republicans will win a large number of seats come this November election and take America back. According to the latest data from FiveThirtyEight, Republicans have an 80% chance of winning 243 seats and control of the House. The red wave has grown and will continue to grow thanks to people like Congressman Kevin McCarthy, House Minority Leader.

Recently we had the pleasure to listen to Congressman McCarthy lay out his plan, dubbed the “Commitment to America.” He has been working to protect American values in Congress since 2006 as a Republican Congressman and the party leader for the House of Representatives. As the House Republican leader, he’s had the ability to problem solve and make amazing results.

Kevin has been able to protect Americans from heavy tax increases, cut government spending, improve energy independence, and promote job growth. He doesn’t forget the real needs of Americans. With such an impressive background, he has been able to address real situations, create a better experience for citizens, and give us real statements on GOP plans for focusing on freedom for Americans.

Commitment To America

The three points that Kevin’s statement brings out are the reality of what we need to see in America today, emulating the hard work of the past, and bringing back societal values to the American people. He advocates for an economy that is strong, a nation that is safe, a future that is free, and a government that is accountable.

An Economy that is Strong

Under the Biden administration, we have seen the collapse of economic success. The inflation rate is higher than it has been in decades, and over five months, gas prices are at record highs. Instead of developing our own resources for energy, like oil, President Biden has tried (and failed) to place our reliance on foreign suppliers in the Middle East.

A press release stated, American “reliable and affordable energy should not be dependent on the whims of our foreign competitors, particularly when we have the natural resources to produce energy right here in Kern County.” Biden has been prohibiting the self-reliance promoted throughout American history, and is removing economic success opportunities.

A required re-start of the energy industry would address the problem Biden’s administration has created. Fighting the policies from Joe Biden, Republicans would allow the energy industry to get back to the high standards it held before and increase the production of American-made energy and support our economy.

In addition to high energy costs, the prices for basic necessities have increased more than 12% under the Democratic national leadership, as well as plunging the nation more into debt. This is unacceptable! Putting policies in place that will help us to stay self-sufficient, as well as adding jobs to the market, will boost Americans to return to work and incentivize us to grow as a nation and be an example to the rest of the world.

inflation increasing - Red Wave for Red United States

A Nation that is Safe

American values must be higher and focus on protecting our own people, especially from nations like Mexico, Russia, and China that have been obvious about their stances for years. Republicans want to support our law enforcement so they may focus on preventing crime and the unsecured, unsupervised immigration at our borders. We can stop the issue of decreasing personal values and the desecration of quality policies.

Democrats would have us believe that it’s better to set aside these issues, but we know that having a strong belief in real American values will help sustain us as a nation, and removing national security threats like loose borders will help keep our nation safe and reach the American dream.

A Government that is Accountable

So far, the Biden administration hasn’t taken accountability for any of the catastrophes they’ve caused. They also don’t have plans for addressing pressing national problems at this point in time and have left the American people to foot the bill. This is a sign that we need strong leaders in Washington that will help make the changes we are hoping for to support American families.

Join The Red Tsunami

The community of individuals who refuse to accept their personal liberties being taken from them is growing every day. We’re working to take America back in a wave, to guarantee our rights and our funds are protected, and to stop the price hikes and money mismanagement caused by Biden’s ideas. Joining this Red Wave of real free speech, self-reliance, and safety will help move us forward and become the country we have been proud of!