Supreme Court of Idaho Makes Ruling On Redistricting


 The Idaho Supreme Court has rejected legal challenges to the state’s new legislative districting plan, a plan that will determine which state senator and representatives will represent you and your neighbors.

In a written ruling issued Thursday afternoon, the court unanimously denied petitions by former State Senator Branden Durst, Spencer Stucki, Ada and Canyon counties, and the chairmen of the Coeur d’Alene and Shoshone-Bannock tribes. The court heard all petitions as one case when oral arguments took place Jan. 14.

CONCLUSION For the reasons stated above, we deny Petitioners’ requests to issue a writ of prohibition barring implementation of the Commission’s final plan, L03. We award costs to Respondents as allowed by Idaho Appellate Rule 40. Chief Justice BEVAN, Justices BRODY, MOELLER and ZAHN CONCUR….READ MORE



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1965 - 2022

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