A Highlight to Women First Responders, Law Enforcement, & Service Members.


What is Kristin’s Army?

What is Kristin’s Army? Kristin Currey was many things. She was a mother, wife, patriot, athlete, and co-founder of Red United States. She loved to ski, hunt, fish, ride horses and recreate in the backcountry of Idaho. Her husband, Chris, would call her the Maryiln Monroe of the mountains.

Kristin was a giving and caring person who was a fierce and loyal friend to many. She shared her passions with others and was known for mentoring and inspiring other women to break the “glass ceiling” and be the best version of themselves. As a former D-1 swimmer, she sought to give the same opportunity to young athletes by connecting them with college coaches. Kristin was smart, eloquent, organized, disciplined and always beautiful. She never did anything half way … it was all or nothing for Kristin.

Tragically, Kristin lost her life in the summer of 2022. As a tribute to her, we created Kristin’s Army, a clothing line that highlights women first responders, law enforcement, and service members. With every sale from the Kristin’s Army product line, a portion will go to the Kristin’s Army Scholarship Foundation that provides scholarships to children of military, law enforcement and first responders that lost their lives in the line of duty. Thank you so much for your support!