Could Oregon Turn Red

Red Oregon
Red Oregon


Recently, at the 2022 SHOTShow in Las Vegas, we had a chance to meet with six Red State Governors at the Governors Forum along with Stan Pulliam, Mayor of Sandy, Oregon who’s running for Governor of Oregon as a Republican. Oregon, to me is a little personal having spent our summers growing up on the Oregon Coast and where our mother Sally Shea Burget was a Garden Home Gopher, Beaverton Beaver and a Oregon Duck. My great-great-grandfather John Francis Shea started a plumbing company in Portland, Oregon where they built the Portland SeaWall, sewers and tunnels. My great-grandfather Charlie,

John’s son took over the business and today the J.F. Shea Co., Inc. is one of the largest privately held operations in the country. Charlie brought with him a reputation for successfully taking on complex projects. From the mid-1910s until his death in 1942, he led the company through some of the largest and most challenging engineering projects the country has known—the Hoover Dam, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, to name a few.

Today, Portland is a far cry from the beautiful city I enjoyed in my youth. It’s time to change the tide of destructive liberal policies. Having the opportunity to meet with Stan and listen to his top three issues he is taking on from education for our kids, to returning law and order to the streets of our local communities, and igniting our small businesses and our economic sector here in Oregon. Today, Oregon could be the most challenging and complex states to flip red but Stan is the man and is ready for this job! …. READ MORE