Blaine County Sheriff has a Registry for “Vulnerable Population”.

The Idaho 2nd Amendment Alliance fights hard to strengthen Idaho’s stand your ground laws. Our District (26) Representatives, Stennett, Toone and Davis do not support them as their voting records clearly indicate. The 3 routinely fail to respond to the I2AA and NRA questionnaire each election cycle. Blue girls, Red (for now) State.
Blaine County has been criticized by our Lt. Governor (who is running for Governor) as a liberal bastion where these type of charges could be imposed on you. Just the other day one of the Judges in Blaine County who is a liberal, remarked to a conservative that he was a “member of standing in the county” but she was “aware of his politics” and the man was committed to the State Mental Hospital for his charges. This is no joke, it happened. If your “politics” (Pro 2nd), are not in favor with a liberal Judge, beware.
Blaine County Sheriff has a Registry for “Vulnerable Population”. After it was attacked by our Lt Governor, changes were made and clarifications noted on the FAQ section. It does say a person can request to be removed but how do they know they are on it? As far as the firearm question, Hey! It’s Idaho, everyone has a firearm. LE and first responders should always assume that. Informing them without your consent is a violation of your rights as is medical information that is requested.
Please support I2AA, and any conservative challenger to our 3 comrades who claim to represent all of District 26.
Don’t let them strip us of our 2nd Amendment Rights. Know who you vote for! Please read the forwarded message.


Jeff Kreyssig